Don’t Read This Blog If…

My husband is a great challenger and a great encourager – a killer combo!

Last week he challenged me not to go on the computer until I had read a chapter from John – which I am currently reading in my private devotions.

The problem for me and private devotions is that I forget to do them.

When I first started reading the Bible daily, I would do it first thing before I even got out of bed, thanks to the encouragement of a very wise friend.  That worked really well for me…until I got married and went on a month-long honeymoon and came back to find out I was pregnant and just got too busy thinking about all my life changes to remember to read my Bible daily!  Now, having my little guy makes the “read before you get out of bed” strategy difficult because 99% of the time I am getting out of bed to go pick up said crying baby!  And then nursing and changing diapers and making breakfast or if I’m lucky, promptly falling asleep.  And then the day gets going, etc etc, and I haven’t even thought about reading the Bible.

In other background news, I struggle with wasting time on the internet and over the years have come up with various strategies for combating this.  Most recently, Andrew and I happened upon one that is sort of working.  Before I even turn on the computer each morning – I do any dishes from the day before, tidy the house, and usually do a few other little tasks Andrew asked me to. Keeping a tidy house has always been a struggle for me, but this system was really working due to the fact that there wasn’t ever a backlog of tidying to do!  Wonderful!  Also it kick-started my productiveness and made me want to be MORE productive! This, combined with the Frumps to Pumps challenge, made last week really great!

That was when hubby threw out the great idea to add reading John to the list of things to do before turning on the computer.  He figured that this would also help me REMEMBER to read, as I would hopefully think of it when I went to check out the latest recipe that Pioneer Woman posted!

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to remember to do your daily devotions?

PS: Shoutout to Bambi and Why You Shouldn’t Read This Blog…a great post which originally got us thinking about things to do before blogging!

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A stay-at-home mom of twenty-six who loves to read, cook, sew, and blog!
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